Propiedades Rurales, Located 2,4 milles into the coastline, in the area of influence of Cabo Pasado, the property is in a beautiful cross valley longitudinally from north to south, by waters of the Rio Muchacho, is surrounded to the east and west by spurs of low hills rising from zero to 180 m. altitude. A rich set of compelling arguments, makes Cabo Pasado property a great place towards excellence. Its ecological essence gives natural strength and character that needed to be distinguished as one of the most beautiful property in the area. Its natural conditions give a great microclimate and an ecosystem, immersed in an extraordinary evergreen jungle refuge forest. Its location in the heart of the Pacific (E15) coast of Ecuador, makes it in a privileged position of the Ruta del Sol, near fantastic beaches and beautiful landscapes. Its proximity allows quick access to nearby populated centers, all offering security and logistical facilities. Its infrastructure provides quality service in the supply of electricity, water, roads, lighting, internet access, mobile phone coverage, and transportation. Its capital gain ensures excellent investment in the area of greatest real estate potential of the northern coast of Manabi, in the formidable and exclusive area of Cabo Pasado. Hispanic cultures, already knew and highlight the scenic beauty and unique natural conditions of the area a haven of rain forest in the dry forest, crossed by rivers and streams, fertile valleys, lush beaches and rich coral ocean blue robes and warm waters The property, is on the ¨Via troncal del Pacifico¨ (E15), a spectacular paved road, with 460 milles of travel by the extraordinary coastal profile of the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabi (217 miles) and Santa Elena; Via E15, it is also known as ¨Ruta del Sol¨ or Ruta del Spondylus. the oblique rectangle-shaped property extends from 180 meters above sea level to zero meters, in the western foothills of the chontilla hill, towards the valley of the Rio Muchacho. In section D, the highest of the hill (180 masl), it conserves about 18.89 acres (19.47% of the property) of native forest. Section B, with 16.5 acres (50.15%), are elevations of moderate slope, with wide esplanades. Section A, with 16.51 acres (20.23%), is lowland and slightly sloping hills. Section C, with 8.28 acres (10.15%), is a high area of steep slope. The area of Cabo Pasado climatic influence, has a particular microclimate and an ecosystem; this special condition, among other factors responds to its proximity to the ocean, in the heart of the area of influence between the currents of Humboldt and El Niño. Cabo Pasado is the southern boundary of the great Choco Biogeográfico, a natural corridor of extraordinary biodiversity that maintains the only continuos tropical rain forest along coastal South American Pacific Ocean In the rainy season (winter - from January to May), the warm waters of El Niño current, contribute to increased rainfall from the Cabo Pasado to the North Cape; This point is the border between dry and wet Coast of South America. Nearby towns: Canoa (4,3 milles to south / 8 minutes) An ancient and picturesque village of about 8,000 inhabitants, is the ideal place for distraction and last minute purchases; It has a health center and a police unit... Bahía & San Vicente (14 milles to south / 30 minutes) Two small towns connected by a long bridge, 45,000 inhabitants and is the perfect place for many different kinds of shopping and several major procedures; there are several Banks and hospitals have a hospital with excelents emergency services, along with pólice stations, court houses, notaries and many other legal services. A Brand new shoping mall, many restaurants and cultural centers, are also availible. Manta (64 milles to south / 1 hour 40 minutes) This city of 250,000 inhabitants, known as the world capital of tuna is an important fishing and commercial port of the Pacific Ocean; It has a modern airport with several daily flights to Quito and connections to all national and international destinations... Portoviejo (70 milles to south / 1 hour 45 minutes) This city of 300,000 inhabitants is the capital of the province of Manabi and was the first city to be re-founded by the Spaniards on the coast of Ecuador; It has offices in all government institutions (residency paperwork) and Agencies of many national banks... Cabo Pasado and its area of influence climate ( 24 Km2) in just a short of time, will become the most exclusive and spectacular residential area of the northern coast of Manabi; Nowhere in the province offers such unique and wonderful geographical conditions; the value of land in this small area ( which the property is in ) is already increasing day by day at a dizzying rate. In the Cabo Pasado area , several major real estate projects have started developing ; when this land developes, the surrounding land values will skyrocket ; a purchase of land in the Guadua Ecovillage, ensures short– or long term investments of high value return. Purchasing Process In Ecuador, a foreigner needs only a passport, to buy a land properties; which would include legal documentation, all noterized as needed. Currently, if the foreigner decides to legally settle in Ecuador, buying a property value for $ 25,000 USD or more, iallows you to apply for an immigarnt investor visa. Buying in Ecuador is fast and easy, when you have efficient legal advice and accurate information. Legal Proceedings In short, the legal process requires a purchase agreement (Minuta de compraventa), prepared and signed by a lawyer, with this document, buyer and seller sign before a Notary Public, who authorizes and raises the bill to Public Deed of Sale; who registers (for the transfer of title) in the Property Registration (Registro de La Propiedad). According to the law, the notary public in addition to the minuta requested documents (Certificate not owe the municipality, the Property Registration, payment of sales taxes, valuation of real action, identity documents, etc.) in the case of foreigners who do not speak Spanish, it requires the presence of an accredited translator contained in the deed of sale as respondent. Precio: $ 396,000.00
Referencia: EC00000196-19-1 0995655201
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